I used to watch Captain Kangaroo on a black and white television.

Hell, I watched a lot of shows.

When my parents bought a color t.v., my brother and I stayed glued to the screen for days. Our Dad had to force us to go outside for fresh air!


When I was a kid, our landline telephone looked like this (from


We also had a party line for years,and had to wait for a coveted private line.

As an adult, I’ve always had a television. Cable television came to rural upstate NY in the 80s. I got my first computer in 1995, a flip cell phone a few years later, and my first Kindle Fire about five years ago. I no longer have a landline telephone.

I’ve watched cell phones get smaller, smarter, and a LOT more fun!

And in the last few years, I’ve experienced the joy of watching television shows and movies on my cell phone and Kindle. Netflix, Hulu, Comcast to Go, and Acorn Online offer me almost too many viewing options.

Geez Louise, I love technology!

And social media is terrific!

Well, mostly terrific. An ex looked me up a few years ago and made my life miserable for awhile.

But enough about that!

This kid from the fifties is addicted to technology.

And I’m grateful that I can use this technology to stay connected to friends, family, and colleagues.

Heck, I’m listening to CNN, blogging, texting with family, and keeping up with my word games with friends.

Gotta go and check my Twitter feed.





Blogging again?

I have not posted on this site for a very long time.

Heck, I haven’t posted anywhere in awhile! Facebook posting has made me very lazy, and I have promised myself to blog more and Facebook less!

What am I going to blog about? 

Good question.

I’m a social media junkie and a tv addict who loves British mystery shows! Good place to start, I guess! 

Fringe Producers Talk Tonight’s Return, Peter’s Mission and How It Could All End! –

Fringe Producers Talk Tonight’s Return, Peter’s Mission and How It Could All End! –

I’ve been a television addict since 1955, when Captain Kangaroo’s weekday show first aired on our black and white television.

Fast forward to 2012, and I’m still parked in front of the tube daily (not all the time, but enough!).

Right now my favorite television show is fringe, and it’s in danger of being canceled due to low ratings.

So I’m spreading the word, trying to get other t.v. addicts like me to tune into Fringe tonight from 9-10 on FOX.

We’re back in the alternate universe tonight!